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Auction Mastery

All roads lead to Auction! From his arrival to Australia in the late 1980’s to today, Mark’s focus, belief and skill in the auction arena is unmatched both in training the Auction Process to delivering a world class Auction call.

Signature Session

This is Mark’s signature session with a number of different Auction Programs that can be delivered from “a taste of auction” right through to a full “2-day Auction Mastery Program” that delves deeply into every aspect of Why Auction, How to get the Auction, What to do with the Auction and of course Selling the Auction!


Mark will give easy to understand concepts, processes, scripts, reports and daily actions to make the hardest of auction markets respond with more sales under the hammer.

Call to discuss your Auction needs today!

"There is no property, market or area is that can’t successfully use the Auction Process, IF you know what you are doing from start to finish" - Mark Frater